Course Overview

Learn to build the TikTok iOS App in Swift 5 from scratch. No storyboards, no xibs - just code. We'll walk through several topics like compositional layout, custom cameras, fetching data, and more.

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Programmatic UI

This whole project will be built with code. No Storyboards. No XIB files. Period. This will really help you understand the professional approach of building such large scale apps.

Over 50 Videos + Code

This course will give you access to over 50 step by step videos teaching how to build the app from scratch. Alongside it, you'll have full lifetime code access to refer to.

Slack Channel

All students will get lifetime access to a course slack channel for code help, questions, collaboration, and everything in between. You'll be able to ping me directly for help!

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Course Curriculum (50+ Videos)

  Getting Started
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  Sign In & Sign Up
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with this course?

This course includes 50+ step by step videos that detail how to build the TikTok iOS App with Xcode and Swift 5. It also includes access to the course Slack channel and project code.

Is this course for beginners?

This course was specifically designed to be beginner friendly. However, the expectation is that you have a basic understanding of the Swift language. In other words, this course is not for absolute swift beginners. An example of a topic you should understand are Optionals. So long as you've got the basics down, you'll have no problem following along.

What language and User Interface framework is this course using?

We will be using Swift 5.3 which is the latest as of January 2021. Furthermore, we will be using UIKit as it is still the more common approach to build apps over SwiftUI at the moment.

What back end is used for this course project?

Firebase. It is a free, easy to use, and Google provided system that we will use to integrate the database and other services.

Will I get code access?

Absolutely! You'll get all the code up front. Whether you want to build alongside the videos our peak at the course right away, you will have it.

Will I be able to ask questions or get help?

Yes. The Slack Channel that each student can join is meant to create a community for this very purpose. Ask questions, collaborate, help each other - all in the slack channel.

Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied?

Yes. This course is really meant to provide value. Respectively, if you have not completed more than 10% of the course, there is a seven day money back guarantee. The 10% rule is to ensure the refund policy is not abused. Please keep in mind this applies to 1 per customer. Creating multiple accounts is in violation of this policy.

HI, I'm Afraz, Your Instructor

First, I'm super glad you are here! I've been developing iOS apps for 10 years now. I have also had the privilege of working on many large scale apps with hundreds of millions users and my own apps which have reached the Top Charts on the App Store.

I'm a current iOS Engineer at Microsoft and a Computer Science graduate of Harvard University.

Check me out on YouTube and LinkedIn. Let's connect and build some great apps together!


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